Russian Heritage Tours

Explore our Multy-Day Private Tours and get more about the most famous Russian UNESCO Heritage sites! You will get as much as possible of Russian culture in few days: St.Petersburg. Moscow. Novgorod. Valaam Island. Golden Ring.Lake Baikal.



All Masterpieces of Saint-Petersburg

Duration: 5 days
Price from: EUR340 (RUB23296) / pers.
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Saint-Petersburg is a mecca for lovers of beauty. The imperial city of golden spires, golden domes, pastel palaces and picturesque canals. Its architectural heritage reconciles the very different Baroque and pure neoclassical styles, as can be seen in the Admiralty, the Winter Palace, the Marble Palace and the Hermitage. With its arrow-straight avenues, leafy parks and lovely architecture, Petersburg is as staggeringly impressive as New York or Paris.

Magnificent Residences of Russian Emperors

Duration: 3 days
Price from: EUR251 (RUB17198) / pers.
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Visit the imperial summer residences, gems in the necklace of St. Petersburg: Peterhofwith its unique array of fountains considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world; Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo) with its magnificent baroque Catherine Palace & Amber Room.and Pavlovsk where you can wander through the wonderful park, stroll along the Tremble Lime Alley, delight in the romantic Old Woods where a bronze Apollo and twelve muses majestically stand, visit the Charles Cameron-designed former royal residence Great Palace in Pavlovsk.

Renaissance & Medieval Capitals of Russia

Duration: 5 days
Price from: EUR650 (RUB44537) / pers.
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Discover historic St.Petersburg, specially built as an imperial capital, it has a unique ambience that is found nowhere else. With its marvelous architecture, famous museums, and picturesque suburbs Saint-Petersburg annually attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Thie Tour includes the visitings to the Hermitage, Savior-on-blood Church, Catherine palace & Amber room, Peterhof complex, Russian Folk show, St.Peterburg Subway and more. The main tour highlight is the ancient town of Novgorod, that was Russia's first capital in the 9th century. Surrounded by medieval churches and monasteries, it was a centre for Orthodox spirituality as well as Russian architecture.

The best of St.Petersburg in 2 days

Duration: 2 days
Price from: EUR199 (RUB13635) / pers.
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See the best of the city in two days! Take a Comprehensive City Tour of St.Petersburg - an excellent introduction to the second largest and most beautiful city in Russia. Come and discover Peterhof Palace & Gardens and Catherine Palace & Amber room in Puchkin - St. Petersburg's most famous and spectacular Imperial estates - on the second day of your St.Petersburg Deluxe Tour.

Splendid City of Petersburg and Mysterious Pearl of Valaam

Duration: 5 days
Price from: EUR1140 (RUB78111) / pers.
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Tour to Saint Petersburg - the most European of all Russian cities, called The 'Venice of the North' for its numerous canals and more than 400 bridges. Visit the imperial city of golden spires, golden domes, pastel palaces and luxurious tsars' residences. The highlight of this tour is a 3-Day River Cruise through the picturesque rivers of North-West Russia. You visit the mysterious monasteries of Kizhi and Valaam Islands famous for elaborate wooden structures built without nails.

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