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The booking process

The booking process consists on 5 easy Steps and will take 3 minutes to purchase. The Booking Confirmation (Voucher) is provided immediately (step 4). When you transact the payment you will receive the payment notification.

Step 1 Review and check details of your booking.
Step 2 Enter your Contact Details and Preferences.
Step 3 Confirm your Booking
Step 4 Receive your Booking Confirmation (Voucher) online and to your e-mail both
Step 5 Make the payment (online or within 48 hours from your e-mail) and receive the Payment Notification

Booking Confirmation (Voucher)

The Personal Booking Confirmation (Voucher) appears on-line (Step 4) and you are welcome to make payment. The valid copy of your Booking Confirmation as well as the payment bottom will be also sent to your e-mail address. If you prefer to pay later, be noted that your Booking Confirmation is valid within 48 hours. If no payment is received in a good time, MariaRose Tours will cancel the Booking. If you are late with payment but still want to buy the service you should proceed with another booking.

The booking confirmations (Vouchers) will be provided for each booking segment.

The Booking Confirmation (Voucher) is valid for redemption only by the person (s) named above and is nontransferable. It may not be redeemed outside the valid dates shown above. You present the Booking Confirmation (Voucher) signed at the start of the Tour or activity with valid photo identification bearing the name of the Lead Traveller

You receive the Booking confirmation (Voucher) with all the tour details at the moment of booking and the valid copy will be automatically sent to your e-mail address As soon as we receive your passport details we ll send you the Tour ticket for the presentation at the Customs in St Petersburg port.
Russian Tourist Visa

All citizens of foreign countries (except the citizens of some former Soviet republics) wishing to visit Russia need to get a visa. The visa is to be obtained at the local Russian Embassy or Consulate. One of the documents required to apply for a visa is a Russian visa invitation, which is sometimes called a Russian visa voucher. The invitation is a special document issued by the party that invites you to Russia. For every type of visa, there exists a different type of invitation (tourist, business, private, student). MariaRose can quickly and efficiently provide you with the invitation for Russian tourist visas.

The cost of the service depends on the type of visa you would like to get (see the price list). You will still be responsible

1 Review and check details of your booking.
2. Enter your Contact Details and Preferences.
3. Confirm your Booking
4. Receive your Booking Confirmation (Voucher) online and to your e-mail both
5. Make the payment (online or within 48 hours from your e-mail) and receive the Payment Notification for paying the Russian Consulate fee and for getting the necessary documents to and from the Russian Consulate.

To get the Visa to Russia Invitation from our company, please, fill in the Visa Support Form and send it by fax: 7 812 572 18 18.

To apply for a tourist visa you will need to submit the invitation and the other documents to the Consulate (see the full list of the documents below).

MRT sends the visa invitation within 48 hours by fax.

For more information please visit our Russian Visa page

How to Pay

For your vacation in St.Petersburg, your reservation must be paid in full at the moment of booking or within 48 hours after your booking is made. You receive the Voucher with all the tour details at the moment of booking and the valid copy of your Voucher will be automatically sent to your e-mail address.

After booking is made You can print the Booking Confirmation (Voucher) and continue with payment.

We've also sent the copy of this Confirmation and the credit card payment advice to your e-mail address.

The Booking Confirmation is valid if the payment is preceded within 48 hours.

How to cancel and to return money

You may cancel or change your prepaid Tour or activity free of charge in a good time: Sightseeing Tours or Transfer cancellations and changes are free of charge if you notify us 72 hours ahead of your scheduled departure.

You agree to pay 100% cancellation or change fees that you incur if you cancel or change the scheduled Sightseeing Tour or Transfer later than 72 hours ahead of your scheduled departure. The amount prepaid for the Visa Support documentation to get visa in the Russian Consulate is 100% nonrefundable for any reason

To proceed the cancellation, the changes or the refund you should send us a letter via e-mail. You will receive the

Cancellation or the Changes Confirmation within 24 hour. The refund can take up to 15 days.

No refund shall be given should you fail to show up on the service no matter the reasons or circumstances.
Easy to book an afternoon excursion
The departure time for the most of our Tours is 10:00 am. But if you want to change the morning tour departure time to the afternoon time for any reason, please book and advise us the time you want in the special window ?Pick up details? (Step 2). You will receive the ordered tour departure time confirmation by e-mail. Please note the St Petersburg museum opening hours: 10:00am - 06:00 pm.
To receive MariaRose support
For assistance with this website, or to report an issue of a technical nature, or to contact us about your excursion order or payment, please contact our 24 hour\7 days Help Line: +7 812 9268270 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +7 812 9268270 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or e-mail us:
Children prices
Infants ages 3 and younger sitting on a parent?s lap and therefore not occupying a seat, are not charged for the excursions. If a parent would like their infant to occupy a seat, then the parent must purchase an excursion ticket for the infant at the published excursion price. Parents are also responsible for bringing a safety seat for their child.
Create Your Own Itinerary

If you'd like to visit a site or location that is not mentioned in our existing selection of tours, we are able to offer you custom tour planning.

Way 1: Choose any of our Sightseeing Tours and buy them on-line. You can advise us your preferable tour departure time in the Pick up details window (booking step 2). Please note that the museum opening hours are : 10:00am - 06:00 pm . Way 2: If no tour suitable for you is found you can calculate your own itinerary and send filling out the Request Form . We ll send you the Booking Confirmation by e-mail as well as the credit card payment advice within 2 days.
Should I tip the tour guide?

Tipping is a discretionary matter. However, if you are pleased with the excursion you can tip the tour guide. What to wear

What type of clothing should you wear on an excursion in Saint-Petersburg? It depends on the weather. But we strongly suggest you dress in layers ? a shirt, sweater and light raincoat will do. This allows you to add or remove layers as needed. Wear comfortable, low-heeled walking shoes or sneakers, or sturdier shoes for activities such as hiking. You might want to bring a fold-up umbrella and a light jacket in your carry on.
More climate info:

St. Petersb St. Petersburg weather is variable. In this Northern city the weather is the topmost source of surprises. That is why even in the heat of summer many wise locals still carry their umbrellas with them. It does not rain all the time, but you never know when it will. It might get quite windy too. At any rate, weather forecasts on TV and radio always get the highest ratings.

St. Petersburg's climate is mild compared to that of the more inland areas of Russia. The city is on the Baltic Sea, which makes winters relatively mild, but summers are not particularly hot either. It is humid all year round. Winters are long as in most areas of Russia. Temperatures as low as -10 Co are normal, and - 20 Co is not unusual. The average winter temperature is -6.9 Co. The Neva River freezes between November 25 and December 5 and the ice is gone only by mid-April.

Springs can be quite long. From early April temperatures are above freezing and by April 15 all the snow normally melts. One should be prepared for some chilly rainy days, but it can get rather warm mid-May onwards.

Summers vary from year to year, but generally temperatures are somewhere near +20-25 Co. You ought to have some clear days to enjoy the White Nights. Hot sunny days are not rare, but you never know when it is going to rain. July is the hottest month of the year. It usually starts getting a bit cooler in mid-August. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city was +33.6 Co. Autumns (feel free to call it Falls) start with reasonably warm days in mid-September, but by mid-October it is often chilly. The average September temperature is 10.8 Co, and the average October temperature is 4.9 Co . In November it might start to snow, but sometimes it does not snow until mid-December.

Clothes. What should you take with you to be prepared for any weather?
Whatever the season, it is wise to bring your umbrella and a windproof raincoat or jacket. You will do a lot of walking in St. Petersburg, so think carefully about footwear. Depending on the time of year, you will need warm boots with a non-slip sole, waterproof boots/shoes, comfortable sandals. In Winter it can get very cold outside, but hotels and homes are reasonably well heated, which makes it a good idea to dress in layers. In Spring it might be chilly at times, but in mid-May it gets warmer. You can wear shorts in Summer, though shorts might prevent you from entering churches. Bring a sweater or light jacket for those chilly evenings. It is in Autumn that you are most likely to use your umbrella and waterproof boots, though a Russian version of an Indian Summer (around mid-September) can be mild and fairly dry.
Guests in wheelchairs
Please note that motor coaches, and other forms of transportation may require guests to climb 2 to 3 steps. Most vehicles in Russia can not accommodate collapsible wheelchairs. Our Staff is very sorry about, but we have to prevent guests in wheelchairs from going ashore at St Petersburg port of call and from buying our tours. We believe one day we ll have the chance to welcome these guests to participate in our Tours! For further information about specific excursions? transportation accessibility, please e- mail us at or call our 24 hour\7 days Customer Support +7 (812) 9268270 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +7 (812) 9268270 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Can I book my tours over the phone
At this time our excursions can only be purchased online, or by e-mail order, or special Form Request at least 15 dayas before the tour departure date. If you need assistance with how to book a tour please contact.
Variety, Quality and Value
MariaRose Tours sells a wide variety of quality tours in St Petersburg. We continuously monitor prices to make sure that all of our guests are enjoying the best possible excursion for the best value. There are never any surprises with extra "hidden" fees.

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