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Splendid City of Petersburg and Mysterious Pearl of Valaam

Duration: 5 days

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DAY 1 in Saint-Petersburg

Enjoy the Grand Tour of St. Petersburg, which offers visitors the opportunity to take in as much as possible of the city in a day's sightseeing from the comfort of a car or mini van and with a knowledgeable and experienced guide. You will take a complete tour of Saint-Petersburg most famous sites - beginning with the neo-classical splendour of St.Isaac's Cathedral, geometry of the Palace Square, visiting the oldest construction of Saint-Petersburg - Peter & Paul's Fortress and the Cathedral - the burial vault of Romanovs' family. Thereafter a rendezvous with Tsarina herself at the waxwork exhibition "The Imperial Family of Romanovs". The tour includes an elegant lunch in the restaurant serving traditional Russian cuisine. In the afternoon a 2-hour guided excursion in the largest museum of Russia and one of the richest museums of the world - The State Hermitage Museum - to finalize your excellent introduction to St.Petersburg.

DAY 2 in Peterhof

Come and discover Peterhof - St. Petersburg's most famous and spectacular Imperial estate. Located on the sea shore The Grand Palace and park complex of Peterhof with its unique array of fountains is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Peterhof is perhaps St. Petersburg's most famous and luxurous Imperial estate. The Grand Palace, filled with fascinating and elaborate interiors, sits on top of a high seashore ridge overlooking the vast Lower Park. The palace at Peterhof sits amidst an enormous park, adorned with fountains, statues and pavilions.

DAY 3 in Saint-Petersburg

Visit the marvelous Resurrection Church (Saviour on the Spilled Blood Church): the second largest museum of mosaic in the world, (7000 m2) of mosaic covering the church facade and interior walls. The cathedral in the pseudo Russian style was founded to commemorate the tsar-martyr on the site where on March 1, 1881, was mortally wounded by terrorists the Emperor Alexander II. You will see the alter that stands over the exact spot where Alexander II died. It is still maintained as the bare ground where he fell. This Church is absolutely marvellous inside and out. It's the type of architecture you dream of before you come to Russia.
Enjoy the relaxing Boat Trip "Rivers & Canals" sailing through the picturesque rivers and canals, viewing the city's main sights from the water. The looming silhouettes of the bridges, the grandeur of the waterways, the granite embankments with their various piers and slipways, the 18th and 19th century palaces and parks on the banks of the Neva and the canals, architectural landmarks in the form of the domes and spires of churches and cathedrals, visible from a long way off - all this contributes to the unique appearance of the "Venice of the North", one of the world's most beautiful cities.
Continue to the M.S. Holy Russia and celebrate the beginning of our cruise (boarding on the cruise ship at 9 PM).

DAY 4 On the Cruise: Valaam Island

Explore the mystery of the oldest monastery in Russia during this 1-day cruise to the rocky Valaam Island in the Northwest part of Ladoga Lake. More than 600 years the island belonged to Russian orthodox monastery. Valaam Monastery has existed for more than a thousand years. It is the oldest monastery in Russia. In spite of all the historical vicissitudes that have been unfavorable for the thriving of its monastic life, it has survived as a living witness to monasticism in Russia. Rigorous beauty of Valaam nature with its mighty coniferous forests, rocky shore, numerous of picturesque bays, and monuments of church architecture will make an unforgettable impression on you. We suggest the two walking excursions 'Valaam Cloisters' and 'Transfiguration Monastery'.

DAY 5 in St. Petersburg

Arrival to St.Petersburg in the morning. Transfer to the hotel.


Tour Details

Available tour start dates

The tour is available from the 1st of May till the 1st of October on Tue,Wed, Thur,Fr,Sat,Sun.


    St. Petersburg:
  • 5 excursions (4 by car or mini-van, 1 by boat);
  • 1 lunch on the 1st day;
  • Transportation by car or mini-van: 1st day 3 hours, 2nd day - 5 hours, 3rd day - 3 hours;
  • Transfer: hotel - river port - hotel;
  • Guide assistance: during all the tour activities;
  • Entrance fees: all the visits according to the tour itinerary.
  • 2 nights cabin accommodation aboard the M.S 'Holy Russia': Superior Single Cabin (private bathroom, large picture window, TV);
  • Full board;
  • 2 excursions on foot on Valaam Island;
  • Guide assistance: during all the tour activities;
  • Entrance fees: all the visits according to the tour itinerary.



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Splendid City of Petersburg and Mysterious Pearl of Valaam

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