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You're wellcome to visit Saint-Petersburg - the northernmost major city of the world. It lies the same latitude as the Shetland Islands and Alaska, but its climate is less harsh than you would imagine. We're happy to have lihgt winters (January temperatures average -8°C ) and warm summers (July temperatures average +20°C ). The climate is mild though unpredictable: it can be a windy, a rainy and a sunny city the same day.

At all StPetersburg has 30 fully sunny days a year. Let's check how lucky you are.

Weather Forecast

High and Low Seasons

St Petersburg is a year-round destination. Summer tends to be the most popular time to travel to the city. Due to the northen position it enjoys the phenomenon of the "white nights", lasting from May 25-26 till July 16-17. During these months the city is packed with foreign and Russian tourists. In winter, hotels and tourist attractions are less crowded and there's a twinkling magic to the night sky. Enjoy reasonable and comfortable opprtunities of the low season as well!

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