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If you are in the Cultural Russian capital you ought to go to theatres which are famous all over the world.


Mariinsky Theatre

Teatralnaya square 1

The theatre has been the home of Russian ballet and opera since the 1860s and has become a mecca for both Russian and international artists. The theatre was reconstructed by A.Kavos, and in 1860 was opened as the Mariinsky Theatre. It was named after the wife of the reigning Tsar Alexander II, Marina.
Through its history, the stage of this theatre has seen such famous ballet-masters and ballet-dancers as A.Pavlova, M.Petipa, G.Ulanova, M.Baryshnikov, A.Nuriev.


Mikhaulovsky Theatre

Iskusstv square 1

The theatre was built by the architect Alexander Bryullov during 1830-1833. It was named after the brother of the Tsar Nicolas I, Michael. It was opened on 8 November in 1833.
Such famous ballet-masters as Yakobson and O.Vinogradov worked there. The current Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer, N.Boyarchikov calls the theatre as the laboratory of the modern choreography, although they have rather classical repertoire. Today in St.Petersburg, this Theatre is the second only to the Mariinsky Theatre.


Alexandrinsky Theatre

Ostrovskogo square 2

The first professional Drama Theatre in Russia. The building was constructed by famous Carlo Rossi. The Theatre completes the ensemble of the two squares and the street named after Rossi. The Gala opening of the Theatre took place in 1832, it was named after wife of Nicholas I. On the Aleksandinsky stage besides wonderful drama plays, the ballet performances are held with the stars of Russian choreography participating.


Philharmonic Hall (Academic Philharmonia named after D.D. Shostakovich)

Michailovskaya st., 2

The St.Petersburg Philharmonia, the oldest Philharmonia in Russia, is almost two hundred years old. Its history goes back to 1802 when the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Society, the first one in Europe, was created.
The Grand Hall of the St.Petersburg Philharmonia is one of the best concert halls in Europe.


Imperial Hermitage Theatre

Dvortsovaya Embankment, 32

The theatre was designed by the architect Giacomo Quarenghi and was constructed between the years of 1783-1787.
It was originally used as Catherine the Greats personal theatre. It is located on the corner of the Palace Embankment and the Winter Canal Embankment And in fact the theatre is one of the best Chamber music theatres in the world.


Imperial Theatre on the Fontanka

Fontanka Embankment, 65

The theatre was built on the plot owned by the heirs of one of the closest associates of Peter the Great, Lieutenant-General Count Fiodor Apraksin. His descendant, Lieutenant-General Count Anton Apraksin, commissioned the theatre design from the notable St.Petersburg architect, an Italian by birth, academician L.Fontana.
The great Russian actress Maria Savina made her debut just on the scene of the Imperial Theatre on the Fontanka. Many outstanding guest artists regularly appeared here, such Italian actors and actresses as Eleonore Duse, Tommaso Salvini and Sandro Moissi among them.


St.Petersburg Konstantin Tachkin Ballet Theatre

Italianskaya 13

The Theatre was founded in 1994 by Konstantin Tachkine and represents a classical ballet theatre which develops the traditions of Russian classical ballet. It is an unique private theatre in Saint-Petersburg and is able to compete with the most famous state companies.

Folk show

Great chance to experience the history and spirit of Russia during one evening is to visit Russian Folk Show! Discover traditional Russian dance and music!

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